It is integrated course of law where students get the opportunity to simultaneously study law and humanities. The allied subjects offered under this course are English, Political Science, Sociology, business studies, Economics and Management. It is a five year course comprising ten semesters on completion of which a student earns a graduate degree inlaw.

The applicant should have passed 10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream. Should have secured minimum 45% of marks in case of general categories of applicants and 40% marks in case of SC/ST applicants. Maximum age for seeking admission to this course is twenty years in case of General Category of applicants and twenty two years in case of applicants from SC/ST/OBC. Such age shall be counted on the 1st July of academic year of the admission. Only high school certificate will be considered for age proof and no other documents will be taken into consideration for age proof.

BA-LL.B. : 5 years Integrated degree Course Course Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)

Eligibility: 10+2 in any discipline with min 50% marks(Reserve Candidate 45%) for SC/ST.



Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper I Law-132 Legal Method & Legal Research
Paper II LANGUAGE- 101 General English and Legal Language-I including
Communication Skills
Paper III BA, LL.B 101 Sociology-I: General Sociology
Paper IV BA, LL.B 102 Political Science-I:Political Theory and Political
Paper V BA, LL.B 103 History-I: Indian History (Ancient & Medieval) upto 18 th Century
Paper VI BA, LL.B 104 Economics-I:Micro-Economics
Paper VII BA, LL.B 105 Psychology-I: Basics of Psychology
Paper VIII BA, LL.B 106 Philosophy-I: Indian Philosophy
Paper IX BA, LL.B 107 Journalism and Mass Communication-I: Introduction to Mass Communication


Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper X Law-203 Law of Contract including Specific Relief & Sale of Goods Act
Paper XI LANGUAGE- 202 English and Legal Language-II
Paper XII BA, LL.B 208 Sociology-II: Prominent Thinkers & Theoretical Perspectives
Paper XIII BA, LL.B 209 Political Science-II: State and Political Obligation
Paper XIV BA, LL.B 210 History-II: British Rule& Rise of Indian Nationalism
Paper XV BA, LL.B 211 Economics-II: Macro- Economics
Paper XVI BA, LL.B 212 Psychology-II: Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour
Paper XVII BA, LL.B 213 Philosophy-II: History of Western Philoophy
Paper XVIII BA, LL.B 214 Journalism and Mass Communication-II: Principles of Mass Communication

Second YEAR


Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XIX Law 306 Law of Special Contract including Indian Partnership Act & Negotiable Instrument Act
Paper XX Law 308 Family Law‐I
Paper XXI BA, LL.B 315 Sociology‐III: Indian Society
Paper XXII BA, LL.B 316 Political Science‐III: International Relations
Paper XXIII BA, LL.B 317 History‐III: Legal History of Modern India upto 2000
Paper XXIV BA, LL.B 318 Economics‐III: Indian Economics
Paper XXV BA, LL.B 319 Psychology‐III: Psychological Research and Statistics
Paper XXVI BA, LL.B 320 Philosophy‐III: Ethics (Indian & Western)
Paper XXVII BA, LL.B 321 Journalism and Mass Communication‐III: Media
Law and Ethics


Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXVIII Law 413 Family Law‐II
Paper XXIX Law 401 Law of Torts including MV accident and Consumer Protection Act
Paper XXX BA, LL.B 422 Sociology‐IV: Social Methods and Sociology of Law including Domestic Violence Act and Juvenile Justice Act.
Paper XXXI BA, LL.B 423 Political Science‐IV: Public Policy and Public Administration
Paper XXXII BA, LL.B 424 History‐IV: History of International Bodies
Paper XXXIII BA, LL.B 425 Economics‐IV: Development Economics
Paper XXXIV BA, LL.B 426 Psychology‐IV: Psychopathology
Paper XXXV BA, LL.B 427 Philosophy‐IV: Emerging Trends of Thought
Paper XXXVI BA, LL.B 428 Journalism and Mass Media‐IV: Inter‐Cultural Communication



Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXVII Law 512 Law of Crime Paper‐I : Penal Code
Paper XXXVIII Law 510 Labour and Industrial Law‐I
Paper XXXIX Law 502 Jurisprudence
Paper XXXX Law 504 Constitutional Law‐I
Paper XXXXI LANGUAGE‐ 503 French Language‐I

Sixth Semester

Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXXII Law 617 Law of Crime Paper II: Criminal Procedure Code
Paper XXXIIII Law 607 Constitutional Law‐II
Paper XXXXIV Law 611 Labour and Industrial Law‐II
Paper XXXXV Law 629 Human Rights and Practice including Protection of Women from Domestic Violence and Juvenile Justice Act.
Paper XXXXVI LANGUAGE‐ 604 French Language‐II


Seventh Semester

Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXXVII Law 722 Law of Evidence
Paper XXXXVIII Law 723 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
Paper XXXXIX Law 730 Cyber Law
Paper XXXXX Law 716 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System

Eight Semester

Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXXXI Law 818 Administrative Law
Paper XXXXXII Law 809 Property Law
Paper XXXXXIII Law 827 Intellectual Property Law
Paper XXXXXIV Law 821 Human Rights and Practice including Protection of Women from Domestic Violence and Juvenile Justice Act.


Nineth Semester

Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXXXVI Law 928 Land Law including Tenure and Tenancy Law
Paper XXXXXVII Law 914 Company Law
Paper XXXXXVIII Law 919 Environmental Law
Paper XXXXXVIII Law 926 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

Tenth Semester

Paper No. Paper Code Subjects
Paper XXXXXIX Law 1015 Principal of Taxation Law
Paper XXXXXX Law 1020 Interpretation of Statutes and Principle of Law
Paper XXXXXXI Law 1025 Insurance Law
Paper XXXXXXII Law 1024 Public International Law
Paper XXXXXXIII Law 1031 Moot Court Exercise and Internship