1. Ragging is strictly prohibited and punishable under law.

2. Every boarder has to follow timing fixed for reporting back to the hostel.

    Winter (1 Oct. to 30 Mar) 7:00 pm Summer (1 Apr. to 30 Sept.) 7:30 pm

3. Hostlers are not allowed to bring Day Scholars without the written permission of the warden in the Hostel Premises (inside Room,     Mess, etc.)

4. Always keep your Hostel ID in your pocket to prove your identity, whenever required.

5. Playing music at high volume causing disturbance to other inmates is not allowed.

6. While leaving the rooms, lights, fans etc. should be switched-off to avoid fine or other punitive action. Use of personal electrical            appliances, indoor cooking including making of Tea/Coffee/Maggie/Cup Noodles and the like, in the rooms, is strictly prohibited.       Intoxicants, Liquors, Tobacco, Explosives, Weapons, Obscene materials etc. are not allowed to be kept /stored by the students in       the Room / Hostel premises. Writing/mentioning obscenity on doors, walls, furniture, switch plates etc. in the hostel premises      including washroom walls is strictly prohibited.

7. Any type of sexual harassment/ un-natural behavior is strictly prohibited.

8. Students shall not hold any meeting or organize any collective activity in the hostel without the written permission of the Warden.

9. Use of Loud-Speakers in hostels is prohibited. However, on special occasions, it may be used with prior permission of the Director     on the recommendation of Warden. Entry of Loud Speaker shall not be permitted inside the Campus except with the written               permission of the Director.

10. Celebration of parties, playing with dry / wet colors /plain water in the hostel premises as well as in the Institute Campus is strictly       prohibited. However an event may be organized in a specified area inside the Campus with the prior permission of the Director         on the recommendation of the Warden.

11. Behaving improperly with Warden/Faculty warden/Asst. Warden/Catering Manager/Waiters/ person of the Hostel will be treated         as misconduct. Canvassing for Membership of Bodies/Agencies (like Avon, Amway, Oriflamme, etc.) or promoting sale and                      purchase (like cosmetics, soaps, etc) in the hostel is not allowed.

12. Students are not permitted to keep excessive cash and valuables with them in their rooms. A student should have smart bearing          when going out of the hostel always using dress be fitting the occasion and place of visit.

13. During the Institute timings, the students should invariably be in their classes/library/computer lab excepting those who are                  permitted to stay in their respective rooms by the Hostel warden due to sickness.

14. A student falling sick or feeling symptoms of sickness should report to the Hostel warden. First Aid is available with the warden.          To facilitate evaluation of a sick student to the.