WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SIDDHARTHA – BE AN INNOVATOR/ A SCIENTIST/ A REAREACHER/PHARMACIST/INVENTOR CHOICE IS YOURS. Team SIP is actively involved in research and development in the various fields of pharmaceutical and Para-medical sciences, in collaboration with various universities and research agencies. The ongoing projects are researching on different ailments like diabetes, cancer, Neuro-Pharmacology etc. Few projects on Photo-chemicals, Organic traces, and optimum dosage for anti diabetic activity are also under process.

List of ongoing Research Protocols (2015-2016)

Sr.No Author Name Title
Dr. Firoz Anwar

Reference book on Molecular Pathogenesis and Clinical Management of Shigellosis (ISBN no. 978-3-8484-0483-4, Lambert publication, Germany)

Reference book on “Characterization and Pharmacological evaluation of Lantana camara” (ISBN no. 978-3844-3868-6, Lambert publication, Germany)

Reference book on “Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Morus alba (Moraceae)” (ISBN No: 978-3-659-12802-8, Lambert publication, Germany).

Book on “Neuropsychatric Disorders” (ISBN No: 978-3-659-13029-8, Lambert publication, Germany).

Mr. Harikesh Maurya
AMX – 07 The Best Treatment of Mouth Ulcer

Concept of Health Education & Community Pharmacy
Mr. Nitin Bhatt
Concepts & Approaches for Clinical Trial
Mr. Gaurav Upadhyay
Traditional claim of Roylea elegans wall on liver disorder: A new developing medicament of protect your liver.
Mr. Muhammad Afzal
Combination Therapy Herbal & Synthetic in the Treatment of T-2-Diabetes.
Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Conception of Computer Fundamental and Its Inspiration